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Naomie Grandison is the only Caribbean artist featured in the international "In This Together" CD compilation project. This project is spear headed by the Los Angeles, CA-Music publishing company Heyday Media Group. "In This Together" benefits Sound Art , a non-profit organization devoted to providing underprivileged inner city youth a comprehensive, hands-on music education. The project features Sound Art's very own youth performance group, Breed Street Rookies and also spotlights original, unreleased recordings from Heyday artists as well as voices from around the globe including Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and St. Lucia. The CD was officially released on 20th November 2012.

Naomie adds a unique island alternative touch- with her soulful voice, poetic lyrics and soothing music. This love song entitled " Waiting For You" is no. 9 on the CD compilation. It is written by her; produced by Johann Deterville (a St. Lucian born- Canadian based producer) and features guitarist Matt Stevens from Ontario Canada. Listen and download the album at the link below. to listen and download :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

About Naomie

Naomie Grandison, also known as Ngozi, is said to be one of the most promising preserved  talents in St Lucia! Her voice has been compared to Whitney Houston, Jill Scott and Joan Amatrading. This singing sensation is also a songwriter, poet and entrepreneur in the field of health. Naomie has been featured  on TEMPO Caribbean music channel. She has performed alongside world renowned Jazz musician Luther Francois, and has been accompanied by various distinguished  composers and musicians such as Lennie Stone, Jesse Bailey, Ricky Francios and Ivan Smith. Her music is mix of neo-soul, folk- rock, reggae and jazz. Very soothing, soulful and "catchy".

Naomie has indulged her creative juices and developed an exquisite repertoire of songs and poems over the years. Her journey as an artist began in her primary school choir. In 2007 she sparked interest on the island poetry scene while singing with Ken Hardy, who encouraged  Naomie and Chantal Menal (poet) to form a duo called Afrolyrix. The duo made a presentation at the annual 2008 Word Alive Competition, where Chantal competed and secured the winning price. In addition to the winning piece Afrolyix gave what was called a "Sensational" performance at the competition. Thereafter the duo was featured in the islands major newspapers and Business Focus magazine.  The sultry soul duo also released  "Show Me Your Skin" that year.

In November 2009 she co- founded an artistic movement, called Headphunk and helped organize a monthly platform for spoken word, music, visual arts. In 2010 while teaching herself guitar,  Naomie began produce as a solo artist. With the help of the Headphunk movement she launched her first solo single " My Breeze" at Jungle Lounge in September of that year. My Breeze, a poem transformed into a song, is a smooth contemporary track. It allowed audiences to a get a taste her opera like captivating voice. She garnered the attention of international listeners online.

 Naomie then teamed up with a medical doctor and dental hygienist and founded Wellness Innovators. She continued balancing work with music, and in 2011 released an upbeat acoustic alternative tack titled "I Am Beautiful" the theme song of the nationwide "I Am Beautiful" Campaign. Wellness Innovators initiated this Self Esteem/Health programme where they presented to a full assembly at ALL the secondary schools on the island.  She, as a member of Wellness innovators received a National award for this venture- " Esteem Award in Youth Development" 2011.

Naomie was born in the scenic town of Soufriere, home of the island's heritage sites such as the Pitons and Sulphur Springs. She enjoys self development, socializing, and quiet meditation. She considers herself to be a very down to earth, open minded and spiritual person. Her musical influences include  Bob Marley, Whitney Houston, Tracy Chapman, Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu.  She has an EP with her songs " I'm Beautiful" "My Breeze" "Seasons"  and " Show Me" along with instrumentals. download at

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Forever is
In every moment,
In every breath
In every thought,
In every word
Forever is
In every second,
In every minute
In every hour,
In every day

Forever is the commitment
That we will ALWAYS be together

Forever will be
In the breeze that comforts when we’re apart
In the rose’s scent that warms our hearts
In our uniqueness that bring a spark
In our memories that take us back

Forever is
In the laughter
In the tears,
In the joys
In the fears

Forever is the commitment
That we will in ALL WAYS
Be together,
In spite of the weather…

By Naomie "Ngozi" Grandison


Our Dreams,
Our Dreams desolate and suspended in air
 like the limp body of a man hanging
Our Hope,
Our Hope lynched  - whips of oppressive organization.
Our Passion,
Our Passion watered by fears, transforms to apathy.
Our Hunger,
Our Hunger perpetuated by economics inflammatory nature.

We are paranoid and suspicious of our true selves
The self that wants to hug every man
The self that wants to dig  in the sand
The self that dances to the music of our lust
The self that reassures itself to trust
The self that allows our light to burst through  skin
The self that understands  misguided ideas of sin
The self that sings, embracing the rejuvenating power of pain
The self that  flows through life’s fluctuating plane

Our Dreams,
Our Dreams replaced with an  eerie silence that clogs
Our Hope,
Our Hope crushed by the over bearing weight of fear.
Our Passion,
Our Passion flickering like a burnt out bulb, holding on to power.
Our Laughter,
Our Laughter replaced by convex smiles, vibes piercing each others character.

Aba, father, help us remember
So our minds could be brighter
So we’d write a new chapter -
Then create lasting laughter…

So let our dreams
Be watered by  imagination.
Let our hopes
Arise from the horizon, like the resurrecting  light of dawn.
Let us have a hunger for laughter,
like the baby who screams for her mothers breast.

We will scream against all forms of self forgetfulness
Until we can laugh with light…
Recreate our vision,
Resurrect OUR DREAMS!

By Naomie "Ngozi" Grandison

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Naomie is very excited about the Wellness Innovators"I Am Beautiful" Campaign. As an RN her experience and training  has been in  emotional health. She works privately with NG Inspirations and Wellness Innovators as a Singer/ Health Promoter and also works at the St Lucia Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre. The campaign is named after her song "I Am Beautiful" which speaks to loving yourself as you are. The objective of the campaign is to improve self esteem and raise awareness of emotional health, sexually transmitted infections and dental care among the youth. The founding members of Wellness Innovators are herself, Ms Felicia Montoute (Dental Hygienist) and Dr Andre Matthew (General Medical Practitioner). The team hopes to share this message with the world. Please visit for more information.